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Welcome Address

Welcome Address by SGTech Chair

SGTech's Chair, Wong Wai Meng, delivers a short welcome address to open the the inaugural SGTech Global Future Series event, explaining why the time is right to host an international forum on Digital Trust.

Mr Wong Wai Meng

Chair of SGTech and Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Data Centre


Opening Address

Opening Address by ASOCIO Chairman

ASOCIO Chairman, David Wong, delivers an opening address.

Mr David Wong

Chairman, ASOCIO


Demystifying Digital Trust: Why We Must Think Beyond Concept to Capitalise on its Opportunities

Keynote Address

This Keynote sets the stage for a discussion of Digital Trust and Singapore's role in leading it - what does Digital Trust even mean? What are its numerous manifestations, and why is it essential for us to find ways to convert it from an intangible, hard-to-define concept to a value-added ""product"" that unlocks tangible economic value? Dr Bhaskar Chakravorti will define some essential attributes of Digital Trust, highlight opportunities, and suggest ways to address the challenges.

First, Digital Trust is not monolithic and can be viewed from many angles, from trustworthiness of the digital environment to engendering trusting attitudes or trust-revealing behaviors; second, we can learn from users from different parts of the world who exhibit different forms of digital trust; third, users in economies with a high degree of digital evolution and high momentum of change - such as Singapore - are also highly engaged and trusting digital consumers; fourth, the solution space ranges from algorithmic approaches to solving for identity and data ownership hurdles to creating distributed systems - each with their pros and cons. Dr Bhaskar closes with a question: How can Singapore's Digital Trust attributes, combined with its role as a key economic and aviation hub and its investments in trust-building contribute to its potential to become the a global node for Digital Trust?

Dr Bhaskar Chakravorti

Chair, Digital Planet, and Dean of Global Business, Fletcher School, Tufts University


Unlocking the Promise of Digital Trust: Lessons for Enterprises and Governments

Fireside Chat

In this captivating Fireside Chat with Piyush Gupta and Ajay Bhalla, we learn from two extraordinary leaders from two exemplary companies, DBS Bank and Mastercard (Cyber & Intelligence). Prompted by insightful questioning from moderator, Dr Bhaskar Chakravorti, we will hear insights into what digital trust fault-lines keep them awake at night, learn from their unparalleled collective experience as to how to convert a hitherto intangible concept into competitive advantage, and gain perspective on their views for the next frontier of innovative trust tech, among much more.

This is a truly unique opportunity to hear directly from three of the world’s most luminary thinkers on digital economy. The insights gained from this session are certain to enlighten every government, enterprise, SME and individual who interacts in the digital world today.

Dr Bhaskar Chakravorti

Chair, Digital Planet, and Dean of Global Business, Fletcher School, Tufts University

Mr Piyush Gupta

Chief Executive Officer, DBS Group

Mr Ajay Bhalla

President, Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard

09.55 - 10.10

Launch Ceremony for Digital Trust Centre of Excellence

Launch Ceremony and Address

1. Speech from GOH SMS Tan Kiat How - Announcement of Future Digital Trust Initiatives
2. Launch mechanism

Mr Tan Kiat How

Member of Parliament; Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of National Development; and Patron of the SGTech Digital Trust Committee

Mr Wong Wai Meng

Chair of SGTech and Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Data Centre

Ms Janet (Jan) De Silva

President and Chief Executive Officer of Toronto Region Board of Trade (Canada); and Chair of the Digital Working Group, APEC Business Advisory Council

Mr David Wong

Chairman, ASOCIO


Towards a Trusted Metaverse: How Can Stakeholders Build it Collectively and Responsibly

Keynote Address

In the two decades since the Internet went mainstream, a lot has changed in technological trends and advancements, and how people use online services in their lives. In the next decade, we will experience another fundamental shift in the journey towards the metaverse, which will involve a seismic step forward from the traditional online world to one that is much more physical, interactive and immersive.

Tech industry players know that the full benefits – and potential risks – of the metaverse are yet to be discovered, and this raises questions around how to build trust in the unknown plains of the metaverse when it is already so challenging to do so in our traditional and well-understood digital domain?

In this special keynote address, Simon Milner addresses this question, and more, as he proposes how we can collectively build a trusted metaverse for all.

Mr Simon Milner

Vice President, Public Policy for APAC, Meta

Presented by Meta


Building a Trusted Digital Ecosystem Through the Cloud

Keynote Address

Governments and enterprises are embracing digital technologies to drive business innovation and better serve citizens and customers. For digital adoption to continue, users need the confidence to transact and interact safely and securely online. How can we foster this digital trust, and fulfill the promise of inclusive digital transformation?

In her keynote address, Quint Simon will explore why organisations around the world are turning to the cloud. The cloud gives control without compromise, giving customers access to a secure and transparent global infrastructure. Trusted cloud services and data flows not only enable organisations to remain digitally competitive, but also develop and deliver trusted digital services for their customers. We will also hear about industry and government efforts to position Singapore as a trusted hub for data flows, and a centre of innovation for the emerging field of digital trust technologies.

Ms Quint Simon

Head of Public Policy, Asia-Pacific & Japan at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Presented by AWS


Building Digital Trust with Secure Workplace Communication and Collaboration

Fireside Chat

Some organisations have rapidly transitioned to using insecure, non-compliant consumer-grade applications for business communication to accelerate digital transformation and support a more distributed workforce. However, this compromises global regulatory and privacy requirements and exposes the organisation to cybersecurity threats. Building digital trust is essential in today’s environment, which demands a secure and compliant collaborative platform as digital workplaces extend throughout every facet of an organisation, including employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Join leading industry leaders to learn more about this real-time conundrum and how organisations can drive digital trust with secured employee communication and collaboration solutions.

Mr Anurag Lal

President & CEO of NetSfere and Infinite Convergence Solutions

Mr Ken Soh

Group CIO, BH Global Corporation; Founder and CEO, Athena Dynamics

Presented by NetSfere


Facilitating Frictionless Cross-Border Digital Trade: Global Perspectives Towards a More Trusted Future

Panel Discussion

In order to engender trust in the global digital ecosystem, there is a need to establish standard rules and interoperable systems to reduce friction costs for businesses and governments.

In this session, prominent international policymakers, regulators and industry leaders to discuss:
• The global landscape and the various policy tools and legislation in different domains
• How existing challenges can be overcome
• What can be done to facilitate a smoother and more trusted global trade system
• The role of Singapore, and whether by creating space for dialogue and cooperation, it can become a “Trust Bridge” between East and West, leading to more trusted and beneficial cross-border digital transactions in the long-term.

Ms Janet (Jan) De Silva

President and Chief Executive Officer of Toronto Region Board of Trade (Canada); and Chair of the Digital Working Group, APEC Business Advisory Council

Mr Yeong Zee Kin

Assistant Chief Executive, IMDA

Deborah ElmsExecutive Director, Asian Trade Centre

Saw Ken WyeCrimsonLogic


Cementing Trust through Tech Innovation and Infrastructure

Panel Discussion

Innovation and openness go hand-in-hand. Yet, for many digital users, it has also become an expectation to see rigorous and often restrictive rules and regulations before they will readily offer their trust. How we overcome this apparent dichotomy is at the heart of this invigorating panel discussion. There is much innovative technology with immense potential in today’s digital environment, especially in areas like AI and Data Analytics, but beside enforced compliance to privacy laws, how can organisations leverage the power of “trust tech” to assure users that their personal data is in good hands?

The multi-sectoral panellists will also discuss why - given the rising trend of cyber crime today - it is imperative for governments and the tech industry as a whole to work together to help build and improve upon trust in the digital domain. The perspective that effective Digital Trust is a shared responsibility may be widely shared, but the question remains as to how we define where each party’s responsibilities begin and end, and how exactly do we go about translating high-level principles into an impactful action plan?

Mr John Yong

Senior Advisor, Huawei International

Mr Lawrence Goh

Managing Director, United Overseas Bank (UOB); Chief Operating Officer, Group Technology and Operations; Head of Group Infrastructure Platform Services

Mr Philip Heah

CEO, Credence Lab; Chair, SGTech Digital Trust Committee

Ms Jessie Xia

Global Chief Information Officer, Thoughtworks

Presented by Huawei





Charting the Global Landscape of Digital Trust and the Opportunities Ahead for Singapore

Presentation on Digital Trust Landscape Study

A pioneering global landscape report on Digital Trust was recently released by SGTech. In this session, Calvin Chu shares a more holistic definition of Digital Trust, outlines some of the Digital Trust enablers that have been identified to strengthen Singapore's digitalisation efforts and existing hub status, and offers some recommendations to further Singapore's ambition to be a Digital Centre in Asia and a global node for Digital Trust.

Mr Calvin Chu

Managing Partner, Eden Strategy Institute


Digital Trust in the Built Environment Ecosystem

Panel Discussion

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry is Singapore has always been at the vanguard of change and, today, change is progressing at an unprecedented rate, driven by technology. Key to the effective digital delivery of the built environment is information. Harnessing collaboration in design and construction requires a rethink and modernisation of how industry utilises information and the technology that supports this. Cloud computing will be key, and investment in the infrastructure that supports it is growing exponentially each year.

Amid huge public and private investment in infrastructure projects globally, projects in the ASEAN region are some of the most complex ever undertaken and places enormous pressure on engineers and contractors to design new technologies and find ways to deliver these mega projects. With the cloud at the heart of it, the entire built environment ecosystem - from design to construction to operations - now more than ever requires confidence that data and information is stored and shared in secure and trusted environments, as this information is the backbone of the industry.

The built environment industry leaders on this panel will discuss:
• Why the cloud is critical for modern project delivery for AEC
• Why cloud and the security of information is essential for digital transformation
• The importance of the distinction of data security and data sovereignty
• The options businesses have available to transition from desktop to cloud based work environments
• Share relevant insights that ensures data is securely handled in a trusted manner supporting better project outcomes

Mr Ken Soh

Senior Engagement Leader, Autodesk

Mr Brett Casson

Senior Principal, Major Projects, Autodesk

Mr Muhammad Khalil

Deputy Director, Group Technology Office, Boustead Projects

Presented by Autodesk


Upholding Digital Trust Through Resilience and Critical Event Response

Panel Discussion

In today’s digital economy, enterprises operate more systems, have more users, and handle much more data than ever before. Amid ever-present and increasingly diverse and sophisticated online threats, the need for organisational resilience has never been more critical to uphold trust between stakeholders.

Critical events threaten safety and brand reputation, interrupt supply chains and disrupt operations. In this session, panellists from companies at the forefront of innovative resilience solutions and crisis management systems explain how trust can be preserved in the face of crisis by focusing on elements such as business operations, people resilience, digital operations and smart security.

Mr Ken Soh

Group CIO, BH Global Corporation; Founder and CEO, Athena Dynamics

Ms Genie Sugene Gan

Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Kaspersky

Mr Dirk Dumortier

Head of Business Development, Smart-City and Healthcare, APAC, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Mr Graeme Orsborn

Head of Global Business Development Everbridge Inc.

Presented by Everbridge


Bridging the Digital Trust Gap with Smarter Technology

Panel Discussion

Trust cannot be built overnight; it is the accumulation of repeated positive experiences and the reliance on one another during critical times. Digital Trust has become the default currency of the digital economy and in this panel, leaders from some of the world's most prominent tech companies discuss some of the technological building blocks that can be utilized to create a smarter future together.

Mr Nigel Lee

General Manager, Lenovo

Mr Ed Soo Hoo

Worldwide CTO Global Accounts; Innovation and Transformation Executive, Lenovo

Mr Jeth Lee

Director, Legal and Government Affairs, Microsoft

Mr Kenny Sng

CTO (Singapore, Malaysia), Intel Technology Asia

Presented by Lenovo


Tea break

Tea break


Public-Private Partnerships: Co-Creating Digital Trust

Panel Discussion

Effective and sustainable digital transformation requires a collaborative ecosystem that empowers government, the private sector and citizens as partners in the digitalisation process. Governments, enterprises, SMEs and individuals are all acutely aware of the demands of our digital present and future, yet uncoordinated action often leaves enormous potential unfulfilled and results in a patchy, unequal digital economy and policy landscape that fails to collectively serve the needs of the whole.

Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) hold much promise for a more holistic, comprehensive and inclusive approach to digital transformation – an approach that sees governments and enterprises consult together early and often to see what collective experience and capabilities can be leveraged to accelerate industry digitalisation efforts, populate a pipeline of tech talent, and boost digital trade.

Yet for PPPs to succeed, all stakeholders must first anchor their efforts on a platform robust and enduring trust. In this enlightening panel discussion, industry leaders from AWS, Accredify and SBF discuss the nature of trust in digital PPPs, address the potential they hold for Singapore’s digital economy, and debate the practicality of their execution in our present landscape.

Ms Annabel Lee

Regional Head of Digital Policy and ASEAN Affairs, AWS

Mr Quah Zheng Wei

Founder and CEO, Accredify

Mr Lam Yi Young

CEO of the Singapore Business Federation

Mr Chan Ih Ming

Executive Director and Head Digital Industry Singapore (DISG)

Presented by AWS


The New Landscape of Digital Trust and the Metaverse

Panel Discussion

The metaverse will provide unprecedented opportunities for creativity and expression in collaborative new worlds.

From governments to businesses to creators, people will experience newfound opportunities empowered by transformative technology and innovation. We will also need to rethink how to set standards to tackle new risks and challenges to trust, privacy and data.

Join this expert panel of industry leaders, regulators and academics as they attempt to envision the new landscape of digital trust in the metaverse.

Dr Bhaskar Chakravorti

Chair, Digital Planet, and Dean of Global Business, Fletcher School, Tufts University

Ms Clara Koh

Head of Public Policy, Singapore and ASEAN, Meta

Associate Professor Daniel Seng

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

Ms Lee Wan Sie

Director, Development of Data-Driven Tech

Presented by Meta


Closing Address

Yean CheongExecutive Director, SGTech

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