Tentative 2023 Agenda

SGTech Global Future Series – the premier event for exploring the latest and greatest advancements in technology. Our event is the ultimate platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses from around the world, and discovering the new frontiers of the technology industry. 

Join us as we explore the uncharted territory of new technology frontiers and discover the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

31 October 2023, Tuesday

8:45am – 12:30pm

Digital Trust Forum

Launch of DT-COE

2:30pm – 6:00pm

Launch of DT-SME

SGTech Membership

1 November 2023, Wednesday

Full Day Closed-door Roundtable for Founding Members of

SGTech Global Future Digital Economies Institute

2 November 2023, Thursday

8:45am – 1:30pm

Digital Leaders’ Symposium: Announcement of DeSUS

SGTech Global FutureDigital Economies Institute

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